People over Politics

Our state has been abandoned

Last February, our families, our communities, and our state were left out in the cold. And it hasn't gotten better since. My name is Graeson Lynskey. I'm a 4th generation Texan and a lifelong resident of Rockwall County. I'm running for State House in HD-33 because we need leaders who will get back to basics. The Texas I grew up in was all about being a good neighbor, working for the benefit of our community, and putting others first. It's time for us to get back to our roots. It's time to put people over politics.

Meet Graeson

Graeson is a Texan, above all else.

I'm a 4th generation Texan, and a native son of Rockwall. I grew up in the community I'm running to represent. I attended RISD public schools, where I learned how important it is to look out for one another. I believe in the value of hard work and being a good neighbor to your fellow Texan, and I plan to take these beliefs, along with my steadfast commitment to a better Texas down to Austin with me.

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