Fixing the Grid

Last Year, Texans were left in the cold. Republicans in the legislature didn't do anything to protect us from another deep freeze. Once elected, my first priority will be modernizing our electric grid and working to ensure Texans can keep the lights on.

Protecting your Rights

I swear to uphold your rights as a citizen of the United States and of the great State of Texas. Discrimination has no place in our hearts, and I won't allow it a place in our government either.

Supporting Small Business

My dad was a small business owner. That means while growing up, I saw just how important small business is to a healthy economy. I promise to put Main Street above Wall Street in all my decisions.

Texas Sized Solutions

Everything is bigger in Texas. As your State Representative, I swear to commit myself to a better future. One that puts Texans first, and works for all of our neighbors and communities.

Our State works best when we all work together. It's time for a politics that lifts us up. It's time for leaders who can secure a bright and prosperous future. It's time to put Texans first. Join us today.